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Payrolling & Managed Workforce Solutions


Payroll isn’t just about paying the employees. The payroll process requires a company to manage a whole of paperwork and keep track of all payroll legislations. Intileo’s payrolling services manages all the Payroll processing requirements and provides simple and suitable ways to Process salary of the employees and file Income tax return in time. The service guarantees precision and timeliness at every stage of payroll processing. Employer can save time & money as well use their HR resources in other activities by outsourcing payroll Management Process & HRMS. We help the organisations manage the key payrolling processes like:
  • Processing Monthly Salaries – Our Operational Experts ensure processing of all payrolls based on different legislative updates, managing and processing various investment declarations, validations and providing you with consolidated reports.
  • Payrolling Compliances – We ensure various legislative compliances are taken care of like, PF, ESI, Professional taxes etc.
  • Processing reimbursements
  • Full and final settlements – conducting all the required formalities once an employee leaves the organisation, ensure complete legal compliance as well as company policies are taken care of.
  • Incentive and benefit management
  • Annual processes – We ensure your employees smooth financial year end formalities like Form-16, etc are complied with.
Do you want to be engaged in a risk-free Payroll Services?
Here is a flexible strategy that allows you to handle the Payroll of full-time/ part-time, contract workers, freelance workers, interns, retirees, and flex-time workers.
Why Intileo:
  • As an employer, we concentrate on the tasks with a keen focus on work which needs to be done.
  • We reduce the burden of your administrative work.
  • The right place to have a productive conversation and advice to grow better.
  • We provide Effective and reliable services.
  • Team of competent professionals having expertise and complete process knowledge in different field areas.
  • Our expertise in assessing problem areas.
  • Cost effective solutions.
  • Timely delivery.