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Recruitment Process Outsourcing


Intileo Technology is a leading global Recruitment Process Outsourcing organization with a global network of Staffing Specialists and HR solutions.
We have been delivering qualified candidates worldwide. As a leading brand in RPO and other HR Business solutions, we strategically manage the talent for your organization. From a mid-cap firm to a multinational company, we deliver on-target quality candidates, provide response and quick candidate turnaround, most importantly offer a very cost effective approach.
With the combination of internal resources, such as corporate recruiters, talent acquisition strategists, administrative assistants etc, we serve an organization to retain their in-house staff, while getting the benefits of outside assistance where needed.
Helping the organisation to utilize the internal staff to fill high priority or specialized positions for performing in a far better way than never before.
Improve your growth and operational efficiencies through the expansion of the team. Achieve your project goals within the time, budget, and quality. We offer an ideal Staff Augmentation to manage and control the resources.
Evolve your business by adopting our PROJECT BASED RPO service and complete the project as per the timelines given by the client.