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Specialty Hiring


A trend of specialization is seen across every industry, as more and more companies understand the importance of having the strategic human resources in the company from a long term goal perspective. Hence strategic talent acquisition becomes one of the most important function for the company. The specialisation of requirement could vary from targeting a pre-defined university/ college, Diversity in hiring, specific target of attracting talent from specific industry or company, even acquisition from anywhere worldwide could be of prime importance for company from future growth perspective. We, at Intileo, have defined unique processes and have a global reach to tap the targeted talent for our clients. We can help organisations to tap resources not just for the following specialities:
  • Executive and confidential search
  • Hiring from Top colleges & Universities
  • Targeting experienced resources with certain specific educational background
  • Targeting Experienced resources from across the globe
  • Targeting people from specific companies or industry
Hunting the perfect candidate for your open position becomes arduous sometimes especially if the skill is really niche with only limited profiles in the market.  Providing Niche Skill Hiring service to clients is a crucial part of our working.
  • With our approach of market mapping, and tapping a huge resource of captive candidate base, we have successfully helped our clients close their niche requirements.
  • Intileo’s approach actually saves time for our client because of our bandwidth, knowledge of market and research based approach of handling the niche hiring.
  • Our Subject Matter expert approach actually helps the client in receiving properly vetted profiles.
Recruiting for the executive level can be a challenging task. Our experienced recruiters know how to research, map the right candidate and talk to high level professionals and foster a smooth transition from screening process to your hiring team. Intileo’s live database of C-level candidate tracks them with key information like availability, movement and vision statements. Our client partners also conduct multiple meetings to match the goals and ambitions of the candidates with what the client has to give. This approach helps us in sourcing a long term candidate for our clients.
As experienced and professionals in the staffing solutions, we perform all above tasks for you minimize your efforts and help you out to get the right candidate.
By understanding the needs of our clients we work hard to develop a clear understanding of our clients’ needs. We are serving to get our clients on top of industry trends through proactive research.