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Startup Solutions


Startup companies can come in all forms and sizes. A startup faces challenges from all fronts, and we at Intileo have chalked out ways to reduce the burden of Startups from the human resource management perspective. We offer the following services to start-ups to help them manage the human resource function:
  • HR Consulting – Helping Startups define the HR processes and systems. Develop policies and help implementing all required statutory and legal compliances. We also help promoters to define various review framework, organisation structure, KPIs, salary structure, incentive structure etc.
  • Outsourced HR – Intileo becomes the extended family of our clients when it comes to managing the human resource function. You can outsource your HR to us and we will help you managing your employees in terms of on-boarding, joining, exits, performance management, leave management etc.
  • Recruitment – Intileo helps start-ups define the requirements, ideal profiling, market mapping and also defining the sourcing strategy of key level staff. We help start-ups in permanent hiring, C-level staffing, niche skill hiring, job branding, Contract hiring etc. Enlisting and adopting the new talent that suits perfectly to your team is one of the most challenging part of a startup.
How do you find the people who can make your company flourish, not flounder?
  • Know the difference between recruiting for start-ups and established organizations. We will let you know the difference.
  • Try our methods to get the right talent for your start-up knocking at your door
  • Taste the tactics of your competitors, how they are trying to attract the new hiring.