Applicant Tracking System

The principal function of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is to provide a central location and database for a company’s recruitment efforts. ATS’s are built to better assist management of resumes and applicant information.

What Is Applicant Tracking System?

The ATS has become an integral part of every aspect of hiring from building an employer brand and smarter application forms, to resume parsing, automatic retrieval of candidates’ public profiles, and scheduling interviews. Recruiting analytics and reporting tools can now help companies get a clearer understanding of the hiring process and make improvements that have a real impact on the business.

Using recruiting software means you don’t have to stitch together spreadsheets, email and elaborate filing systems. The key advantage of an applicant tracking system is that it provides seamless and customizable collaboration features so that you’re always in the loop. Applicant tracking systems help employers by providing a business process to follow during recruiting and standardize the hiring process so you don’t have to reinvent the process each time.

Our ATS is designed to support a variety of functions, including:

Recruitment marketing

Application pre-screening

Applicant tracking with custom workflow


Offer management

Candidate on boarding

Overall, experts at Intileo carefully deliver quality and efficient data analytics solutions for your business’s requirements.

With us, you won’t have to struggle with unstructured data in bulk or infinite sources of information because our analysts have the cutting-edge tools for data mining and curation.


Job Opening Visibility

Promote your positions through various marketing channels like social media, job boards etc. and start attracting the best talent for your organisation.

Applicant Tracking

Customise your hiring workflow based on your hiring process and track all candidate applications.


Set up your onboarding workflow and monitor the onboarding process of hired candidates. Use advanced technologies like electric signatures to authorise documents.

Interview Management

Schedule candidate interviews with the calendar. Capture interview feedback and keep all the stakeholders updated about the interview status automatically.

Recruitment Analytics

Optimise your hiring decisions by leveraging recruiting analytics and KPIs managed under the ATS.

Profile Matching with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Identify the best matching candidate out of millions of resumes with resume paresr & AI-based profile matching algorithms.

Recruitment Chatbot

Set up a chatbot on your website and provide 24x7 assistance to all your site visitors. Allow candidates to explore jobs, submit applications and track applications with the chatbot.

Offer Management

Customise your offer letter template following your branding requirements. Prepare and share an offer letter for your hired candidates with just one click.

Online Assessments

Assess your candidates with psychometric tests, skill tests, personality tests, aptitude tests, management tests and language tests.

Hiring Manager Portal

Allow hiring managers to review all open positions and candidates with the help of our self-service portal.

Why use our Online Applicant Tracking System?

The following are the advantages of having the Intileo ATS for your business.

  • Source the best candidates available in the market.
  • Adhere to government laws and regulations.
  • Improve accuracy with automation.
  • Create the best experience for candidates, clients and hiring managers.
  • Better decisions with real time reports and analytics.
  • Tracking of each and every activity performed by your hiring team.