Are you spending a big chunk of your time sorting out logistical problems? We have a complete range of solutions extensively designed and developed for supply chain visibility and smarter logistics operations.

Logistics & Transport Industry

The logistics and fleet industry can now keep pace with all the competitive needs and evolving challenges by implementing logistics software development services by choosing Intileo Technologies as the quality software developer. We create comprehensive and competitive end-to-end logistic automated solutions and applications to minimize operation difficulties and simplify the logistic process in an automated and streamlined manner. Intileo Technologies deals with transportation management, inventory management, automated order management, data transfer and security, automated warehouse, logistic route optimization, and secured data transfer applications. With the help of our logistics scheduling software, startups, midcaps and large enterprises involved in logistics and transport can leverage the best potential of streamlined operations and maximum profit generation.

Logistics Development Solutions


Our logistics software development company offers custom solutions and system integration of SAP and Oracle solutions for logistics companies and retailers. The latter are considered the best supply management software on the market, providing efficient warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment.

We build and integrate all types of warehouse management software: standalone applications, supply chain modules, cloud-based systems, and enterprise resource management systems. You can choose any type depending on your business maturity, current and future needs.

Our logistics app development company develops last mile delivery software with a wide range of features: real-time tracking, delivery rescheduling, proof of delivery, dashboards, route optimizations, and many more. We will develop the software that fits your last mile delivery logic.

We leverage the latest technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), robotic process automation (RPA), and internet of things (IoT) to build or upgrade transportation management platforms. Our team is prepared to help you meet the most pressing challenges of the logistics industry.

We are a transportation software development company to help you enhance your fleet management with the right technology solutions enriched with the following features: real-time shipment monitoring, vehicle maintenance overview, customer service and support, automatic updates, etc.

Logistics, like any other industry, is now focused on moving to paperless operations. RPA technology can automate a lot of processes within your organization: invoice generation, invoice collection, delivery scheduling, shipment monitoring, payment processes, and others.


Intileo Technologies is a quality transportation software development company that leverages the potential of every emerging and promising technology in offering custom logistics software development solutions for logistics and supply chain brands.

We enable real-time fleet management and greater transportation efficiency for the logistics industry. Intileo Technologies is a full-stack IoT software development company that leverages the potential of the Internet of Things in developing inventory management applications, automated warehouse and order management software applications.

Blockchain technology is an emerging technology used by Intileo Technologies for developing logistic data management software for transparent and secured data sharing. We use the power of blockchain in streamlining the process and transaction in a secured environment.

Artificial intelligence is a promising technology that we leverage in all our software and applications in logistics management. By leveraging the potential of artificial intelligence, businesses can facilitate easy and accurate invoice processing, demand forecasting, automating and streamlining monotonous repetitive tasks, and improving user performance.