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Enhance operations with manufacturing industry IT solutions

Modern IT Solutions and Services for Manufacturing has become a progressively automated and technology-driven industry. It depends upon the application of advanced technologies and systems that are redesigning the face of manufacturing in ways that were inconceivable just a couple of decades ago. Features such as data-driven intelligence, and predictive analytics have started to play a crucial role in driving manufacturing decisions.

Manufacturing Industry globally is shifting towards adopting more and more technologies in order to reduce the end product’s time-to-market and at the same time improve the management. The products are lately getting context-aware along with making use of connected services. Technology has also increased the adoption of digitized value chains. Doing this requires higher levels of innovation to transform manufacturing with a combination of automation and analytics.

As a manufacturing company that is evolving, You should incorporate

  • Real-time production analysis
  • Data analysis
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • ERP
  • CRM support

We at Intileo help in providing cutting-edge IT Solutions and Services for Manufacturing solutions. Our unique and innovative offerings help our manufacturing clients to transform their mode of operations. We make use of emerging technologies such as that of cloud computing and IoT to create robust solutions for enhancing the manufacturing industry.


Scale-up your manufacturing operations and gain productivity with our end-to-end software solutions.

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Maximize your labor utilization and minimize obsolescence with our warehouse management solution that offers real-time transaction processing, optimized storage & strategies, directed task management and much more.

Minimize cycle times, enhance processes, and boost revenue while elevating customer satisfaction and market value with our product lifecycle management solutions.

Delight and retain your customers with a more flexible and responsive supply chain. We help organizations solve critical supply chain challenges while saving cost in the most efficient manner.

Simplify your inventory and order management from accepting to delivering orders. Our solution helps organizations reduce inventory and operational cost.

Intileo offers industry-leading sales enablement solutions that empower manufacturing enterprises to drive innovative business models & deliver unforgettable buyer experiences.

Maintenance Management System

Manage your machinery proactively

We at Intileo have expertise in developing solutions combining IOT and AI to give you proactive management of your machines thus leading to improved utilization and reduced losses.

Integrate your end to end supply chain with your ERP through Intileo manufacturing automation solution.