Manufacturing ERP

“We create softwares as per your processes and systems so that the buy-in of the new system in the organization is fully there”


Intileo’s Manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a software solution designed to help manufacturers digitize and automate your business operations. The manufacturing ERP helps you to run your enterprise more efficiently, save time and money, and increase your accuracy and speed of production.

Intileo’s ERP solutions helps you to leverage your data and information, to manage critical aspects of the manufacturing process, utilize resources effectively and make appropriate strategic decisions in time and proactively.

Some of the modules covered by Intileo’s ERP solution are:

Order management

Inventory management

Customer relationship management

Warehouse management

Supply chain management

Finance and accounting

Apart from the above, we at Intileo can also create customized modules as per your requirements.With Intileo’s ERP you can integrate any business intelligence (BI) reporting tools, to help you analyze performance and progress.

Industry-Specific Manufacturing ERP Solutions

We at Intileo believe each industry and company is unique in its own way and hence need solution specific to them. Hence we have different solutions viz; Process manufacturing ERP, Discrete manufacturing ERP, and food manufacturing ERP:

  • Process manufacturing ERP software includes formula/recipe management modules, to calculate and scale ingredient quantities for batch manufacturing control. Process ERP systems also include lot traceability, to support accurate labelling, industry compliance and quality control processes, and help with product recalls.
  • Discrete or industrial manufacturing ERP software enables manufacturers to turn quotes and estimates into a bill of materials (BOM), to streamline the sales process and accurately match upcoming orders with component availability.
  • Food ERP software includes complete traceability tools, quality assurance capabilities, built-in compliance and food safety functionalities and inventory management features that reduce perishable food wastage. It also facilitates automated real-time data capture to ensure the integrity and accuracy of your records.