Pharmaceutical ERP

Pharmaceutical ERP

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most important industries for the development and growth of a nation. As there is a continued demand for pharmaceutical tools and equipment, the role of the effective management force is crucial to meet up the target of the market and fulfill the public’s satisfaction. Irrespective of other industries, the pharmaceutical industry requires more care proficiency while managing the raw or finished item at any production level.

Why Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Businesses Require Pharma Software?

An ERP in pharmaceutical industry helps pharma manufacturers to indulge in intelligent demand assessment, organizational restructuring, and prudent financial management. Besides, any robust ERP system pharmaceutical industry can also help pharma manufacturers revisit and revamp their supply chain strategies to make the supply chains all the more resilient, responsive, flexible, and intelligent, so as to avert similar situations in future.

Intileo ERP software for pharmaceutical manufacturing, through its experience of + years, emerges as a comprehensive solution that controls, connects, and integrates all the departments, and internal processes of a pharmaceutical manufacturing business. This pharmaceutical software automates all the key business functions such as formulation, manufacturing, planning distribution, finance/accounting, inventory and quality while helping them to stay compliant to cGMP requirements.

What Intileo ERP for pharmaceutical industry essentially does is that it documents every step in manufacturing and keeps a track of sensitive operational data across organization, such as, expiries, Non-conformance, CAPA, SOPs, MBR and more. By doing so, this pharmaceutical manufacturing software enhances transparency in operations, and facilitates smooth functioning of the entire single or multi-divisional pharma manufacturing unit.

Types of Pharma Processes

  1. Formulation Manufacturing Plant
  2. API Manufacturing Plant
  3. Contract Manufacturing Operations (CMO)
  4. Pharmaceutical Marketing Operations

Important Modules used in Pharmaceutical Industries

Accounting & Financials

Access all financial and accounting activities like accounts receivables, payables, journal entries, budgeting, financial management in one go.

CRM & Marketing

Stay ahead of competitors with Opportunity and Pipeline Management, Customer Relationship Management and Campaign Management.

Sales and Distributions

Improve on your sales orders, quotations, deliveries, receivables, etc., and gain more customers.

Purchasing & Operations

Optimize and automate your procurement processes and bring efficiency in operational procedures with purchase requests, quotations, orders, and Down payment invoices and requests.

Batch Production & MRP

MRP and Production principles, BOM, Goods Issues, Goods Receipt are followed and bettered with ePharma.

Formulation & Packaging

Advance Planning and Scheduling, Cost Calculation, compliance requirements all met with ePharma.

Inventory & Warehousing

Access to real-time information regarding inventory levels, batch movement as well as goods receipts and goods issued, thereby streamlining the manufacturing process.

Export & Import

Upload; update master data, product information, transaction, and vendor data with the help with ePharma.

Bar-coding & Scanning

Get accuracy in stock counting and inventory management, and use batch and serial numbers in inventory tracking. 

Mobility & Analytics

Power your decisions with business analytics features of ePharma and access on any device like iPad, mobiles, desktops, etc.

TDS, TCS, GST, E-Invoice & E-Way Bill

One-stop solution for your tax deducted at source, tax collected at source, and Electronic invoicing & E-Way bill.

Quality Control/Assurance

Manage Quality parameters like Product batch and lot quality. Also Delivery Performance, Claims accuracy, Product upgrades, and downgrades with the help of ePharma.

Plant & Maintenance

Power your decisions with business analytics features of ePharma and access on any device like iPad, mobiles, desktops, etc.