Healthcare IT Solutions

Healthcare IT consulting and technology solutions to improve the patient care from hospital to home.

How We Help Organizations Build IT Solutions with our Healthcare IT Services

We build and modernize healthcare products to make them smarter, simpler, and ready for a digital-first world. Our healthcare IT consultants help healthcare providers, payers, and organizations serving the healthcare domain to build cost effective IT solutions that address key business needs. We incorporate industry best practices while building market-leading products that facilitate a digital healthcare industry. Intileo experts provide solutions from initial consulting to implementation, delivery, testing, and healthcare IT support. Our healthcare IT service helps build superior products with the goal of ensuring top-notch patient care. Our managed IT services, expert IT staff, and stellar customer support ensure that you don’t need to worry about your IT environment again.

Hospital Management System


Take control of your patient care and enable your staff while increasing satisfaction scores.


When workflows, point-of-care, and guest happiness depend on connecting, the expectation is 100% uptime.


Bring patient care home and to the bedside without the security concerns.


Get help managing the large expanse of medical data needed in today’s healthcare environment.


Create EHR Infrastructure providers and patients can rely on.


Find a better way to access, store and archive medical images.

Telemedicine Software

Connect with patients online for consultation via web and mobile apps


Remote Patient Monitoring

Monitor your regular or cronic patients remotely through heart rate and blood pressure monitors, glucose and blood oxygen meters, wearable ECG monitors

Healthcare CRM Software

Maintain relationship with your patients, through automated sales of services, registration for services, and personalization based on provided data.

E Prescriptions Software

E-prescribing software allows doctors not only to write new prescriptions but also to track the prescriptions history

Appointment Booking Software

Patients can easily book an appointment, get notifications about it, provide relevant information to the doctor beforehand, and also reschedule or cancel the appointment.

Health Tracking Applications

Physical activity tracking and movement tracking, dieting and weight loss, track mental health & wellbeing