Sales & Service CRM

Boost your decision-making with our holistic software to obtain your sales data, customer insights, employee performance, business outcome, targets, and much more.

A Business organization requires maintaining an entirety of information regarding customers, potential customers, sales, and transaction details in order to assess productivity and inculcate improvements.


How Does CRM Software Help Your Business Grow?

The CRM software has comprehensive features to encompass every aspect of the business and has the potential to give you ROI in a very short period of time. This CRM software in India is considered a comprehensive business development tool that enables you to maintain records of pre-sales and post-sales transactions of customers and use the data to increase revenue.

Which CRM is best suited for your company?




Use Intelligent Sales CRM to Efficiently Manage Leads

Collate, organize, and distribute leads to the right sales agent using Intileo lead management system. Pre-set workflow logic lets you automatically assign leads based on geography, the product of interest.

Having an overview on pipeline stages along with the figures associated with them, helps you focus on the right deals, leading to a higher lead closure rate. Intileo’s sales CRM software lets you prioritize leads.

With access to deep insights on metrics like sales trends, team performance, and sales funnel, you and your team can analyze, and make better, data-driven decisions. Create reports that work best for your workflow.

Intileo’s mobile app empowers the agents with all the tools and insights they need to close deals on the go. With a few taps on the smartphone, your agents can view lead details, log activities.

Identify, prioritize, and nurture your most qualified leads to maximize sales opportunities. Our tool lets you prioritize your focused leads with tags like Hot, Warm, and Cold for better conversions.

Integrate Intileo with the apps and web services you use every day to sell smarter and faster. Our available range of integrations makes it easy to sync data between platforms and allows you to streamline.